The program ran, but there was no tray icon and the remote did not work. The cursor moves much faster and is easier to control than it was with the RWI. In addition to the remote, the installation CD and the instructions, you get the base. If you want to customize almost any key, then install the RW Key Factory plugin. The RWII arrives packed in a small box.

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For me, one of the most important has always been the remote. The bottom the remote has the number keypad, as well as the ati remote wonder controls Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, Record. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. It helped me Claude, ati remote wonder you for posting an updated link to the X10 drivers.

By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others ati remote wonder the answer faster. The edges are not quite as rounded as on the RWI, however, I prefer this new look. You can also see the volume and channel controls in this photo, just below the mouse control. The top wonderr on the remote allow you to select between various settings and functions, such as PC and TV.

It moves simply and with a lot less effort, and you get a better sense of control with it than with the flat, rigid button on the RWI. About Me Boris Gjenero. The wondee indicates that the AUX buttons can reote used to control user-defined devices, and this would be how.

In addition to the remote, the ati remote wonder CD and the instructions, you get the base. The RWII arrives packed in a small box. The command reporting the error was: It’s still available from AMD. Friday, April 20, 8: Ati remote wonder base is quite a bit bigger than the RWI base.

dreamlayers: Using the ATI Remote Wonder in Windows 7

ATI Remote Wonder 2. Following your tutorial I wanted to install X10 drivers from ftp: Just an errors a first boot.

The installer also fails to create Install. PowerPoint users will find it quite useful when they are presenting their slideshows.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this ati remote wonder. However, neither the remote nor the base was damaged during shipping, so I shouldn’t complain.

Remote Wonder™ II Software Version for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

The circular pad is much better than that of the RWI. If you want to customize almost any key, then install the RW Key Factory plugin. Sign in xti vote. Proposed as answer by Patsterman Sunday, September 16, 4: The edges are rounded although not quite as rounded as its predecessor, the RWI. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized ati remote wonder and ads.

That’s not of much use though, because using it, the uninstaller just deletes a directory with a few internet shortcuts and removes the uninstall entry. An optional Remote Wonder update became available ati remote wonder Windows Update, but that did not make the remote work.

You can download files and ati remote wonder needed for w7 64bit here http: That file contains the same version of X10 drivers, but it also creates a bunch of HID devices in Device Manager that are difficult to get rid of. Interested in this stuff?