Woods shared an image of his bag on social media Wednesday with a couple of new additions: Sign in or Register with Golfalot. Everybody wants more choices, it is fun and brings buzz to the golf industry and this website. J Oct 2, at However, the new now old!

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So what does that have to do with golf. How different were they? Just got the driver last week and am still trying to figure out my adjustments.

I was responding to your incorrect statement you have once again passed off as a fact. It works like this: Accuracy no worse than my prior driver, possibly more stable and more supportive of confidence.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Driver Review – Golfalot

A company the size of Callaway is going to 1. With the original Alpha you really needed a swing speed of over mph to get the real benefit from it and also needed to hit it out of the middle of the compact looking head. I suggest you do what I did earlier this spring. There is still only one Gravity Core for the two chambers, so it is either weight up or down in the heel or toe.

Big bertha double black diamond and sounds a bit better. To each their own.

Simply adjusting your spin loft in your own swing is the easiest and cheapest way of lowering spin if it really bothers the golfer that much. All the information to prove 1.

Irons are the best.

Not only is it long accurate and forgiving which is unheard of. This driver is longer than any driver that I have played with in the past two years.

ClubTest 2016: Callaway Big Betha Alpha 816 Driver Review

Dave S Oct 3, at 1: News 1 week ago. Shawn Oct 1, at 4: The top-rated big bertha double black diamond in the better player category. Whilst it will be mostly high swing speed players that should benefit from this, it is not a hard and douuble rule as Callaway say that they have seen players of all abilities benefit from clubs with the Gravity Core as it really depends on how they deliver the club to the ball.

They will do what they can to upgrade performance in that 2 years.

Great value for money-its big bertha double black diamond bomb. I frequently see smash factors of 1. I find the results with the V Series as a bit odd … in stock setup, at Callaway is offering the following 13 shaft options at no upcharge:. Ok I am now in the old man club at 66 years with two knee replacements so I do not have the swing speed that you are supposed to have to use this club, Big bertha double black diamond I tried a demo of the DD and thought the DD would work for me.

The magazine reviews said that it was made for above average golfers, but I’ll go ahead and disagree on that. Since my d I have been getting a new driver every year and adding 12 yards with each driver.

Its a no brainier that if you wait until a product is discounted or discontinued it will be big bertha double black diamond. Got it on Friday and I just ibg two rounds this weekend. I question the results with the V Series because I think that club takes a little bit of work to get accustomed to it.

I have the Aldila Rogue Silver 60 Graphite stiff shift 69 grams. Before we go any further I suggest you read your source more carefully as it disproves every point you have made.