I also connected my old one back it still works just got a big crack everything works fine…. Otherwise it would display the image normally. Is tehre anything else apart of cables,inverter, incompatible screen, that can cause such a behaviour? I gave the right part number to the vendor, but maybe I just got a bad replacement screen. Tried searching around the computer for a pinswitch to turn on the display when the laptop is opened up that might be stuck, but to no avail. Monitors work fine with the laptop.

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In the end I got it repaired by:. Did you ever find the solution to your Lenovo SL faint display issue?

If the original screen lights up, apparently the new screen has defective backlight lamp. Michael Son 25, I tried order the part and fixing it myself.

Additionally I sony vaio pcg 7t1l that some people may have issues with a little switch that detects when the laptop is closed. And how can it be fixed? I cannot tell if the LCD screen was damaged before you installed it into the laptop or you damaged it, 7y1l it does sound like a bad screen. Can you see image on the external monitor?

I have a Gateway ma7… I purchased a replacement screen on Ebay. The backlight on the new screen does not come on, however the old one now doesnt come on either. Is it completely blank or you still can see soony sony vaio pcg 7t1l very dim image. Shan April 27, Pct when I am connecting the left side LCD cable to the inverter the screen comes back the moment the cable just enters the place but when I push it further to adjust to its place, the problem comes back. A friend has a Toshiba P with a problematic screen, first the keyboard went, then a couple of weeks later suddenly the LCD pvg stopped sony vaio pcg 7t1l for no apparent reason, an image can be obtained on an external mointor.

I have noticed troubles with heat on this thing. Last week I replaced my broken LCD.

New screen installed but not working

I checked all the connections and tried again with no luck. The problem is that only the top third of the replacement LCD screen works. It shows full white, no video.

I am asking, because the Acer one will cost half the amount of a new one from Ebay. I has horisontal lines on it that are covered i think over pixels worth I cant use my sony vaio pcg 7t1l to investigate cause the file tab etc is ;cg in top left hand corner of most programs is the screen broken. Packard Bell with dead motherboard and Skny with screen that shows faint image.

Melanie November 3, Jeff December 28, I cracked the screen of Toshiba A resulting in coloured and white patterns. Take a closer look at the sony vaio pcg 7t1l cable. Ofcource i can connect my new lcd screen to the old inverter, sony vaio pcg 7t1l what is the risk i damage the lcd or whole laptop montherboard etc?

BOB December 19, If not, replace the adapter. Did you make sure that your new screen is compatible with your Sony laptop? Push on the power button and and hold down the F8 key.

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

The bottom two thirds start of black, slowly get brighter and sony vaio pcg 7t1l, until the are white, or a random collection of brightly coloured lines. Artis May 4, Will it change anything on the screen? Thanks for your good help. If so, could you help me do that? Philip Santiago December 7, I wish the rest of the internet was so useful! I even tried my old one and now it wont work??

Had a friend who works for Dell come and check it out to see what I could be missing.