A page shorter than mm was sent to the duplexer. Any time that a cartridge is installed or removed while the covers are removed, the door interlock must be cycled to simulate opening and closing the top cover in order for the engine to recognize the change. Page Lift the upper cover to remove it. Figure Remove the pickup-and-feed driver PCA 2 of 3 Disconnect six connectors callout 4 , and remove one screw callout 5 to release the pickup- and-feed driver PCA. After the printer initializes, turn the power off and install the replacement DC controller. Remove one screw callout 2 to release the fan. Prints a series of print-quality assessment pages that help troubleshoot many print-quality problems.

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Hp color laserjet 3000n Of Contents Horizontal line Control-panel Indicator Lights, Display You can perform most routine laseejet tasks from the computer through the printer driver or any software program. Pre-exposure Figure Image-formation steps Latent-image formation stage During the three steps that comprise this stage, a latent image is formed by applying a negative charge to the photosensitive drum.

The printing system includes software for end users and network administrators, and printer drivers hp color laserjet 3000n access to the printer laserhet and communication with the computer.

NOTE The plastic printer foot can be dislodged when the bottom plate is separated from the chassis. We are best at troubleshooting HP printer malfunctions and repairing most HP LaserJet printer service error code failures on the first visit. If the media does not reach or pass each sensor within a specified time period, the DC controller determines that a jam has occurred and alerts the formatter. Page Remove two screws callout 13and then remove the ETB connector bracket callout Site requirements Hp color laserjet 3000n a sturdy, well-ventilated, dust-free area that is away from direct sunlight to position hp color laserjet 3000n printer.

Before proceeding, look at the following figure and note the location of the locking tabs on the right cover. For information about removing the sheet media sensor, hp color laserjet 3000n Media sensor sheet feeder on page in this chapter.

Do not touch the top of the transfer unit or the contacts on the left side of it. Print cartridge This printer has four print cartridges: If you believe that you purchased an Press the tabs, and then lift the registration plate.

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The small gear assembly above the pickup-drive-assembly motor is not captive. Page Disconnect four connectors callout 3and then remove three screws callout 4 to release the memory-controller PCA.

The engine control system contains these components: Verify that the firmware DIMM and the formatter are seated and operating correctly. Page First occurrence 0mm Primary charging roller 27mm Developing cylinder 27mm Registration roller inside 35mm Registration roller outside 36mm Transfer roller hp color laserjet 3000n 44mm Fuser sleeve 75mm Photo hp color laserjet 3000n drum 76mm Fuser pressure roller 79mm Figure Repetitive defect ruler NOTE Transfer unit defects usually appear on every other page because the transfer belt is longer than a page.

Remove two screws callout 133000h then remove the ETB connector bracket callout The drum is now clear, and is ready for the next image- formation process.

Figure Remove the formatter cage Open the service menu see Service menu on page and transfer the values from step 1 to the replacement formatter.

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Reseat the EIO card. Table Of Contents Alphabetical parts list In models that include an automatic duplex accessory, the duplexing feed motor M10 and reversing motor M11 are also part of the system.

Remove two screws callout 20 to release the pickup-drive assembly. Compatiable with Windows XP, Vista, 7, hpp, 8. hp color laserjet 3000n

Page Remove two screws callout 1 to release the driver PCA. Sheet Feeder Rear Cover sheet feeder rear cover Remove the following components: Page 4 The information contained herein is subject Systems Hp color laserjet 3000n. Page 39 On the right side of the printer, gently pull the black tabs together, and then pull the formatter assembly from the printer.

Verify that the printer is plugged directly into an active electrical outlet laeerjet has the correct voltage and not colo into a surge protector or power strip. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Troubleshooting diagrams The diagrams in laserjef section include connector locations, DC controller connectors, major assembly locations, printer timing, and printed circuit block diagrams.

Page Raise the media sensor, and then slide it off of the hinges to remove it. Remove four screws callout Test pages Engine test page Print an engine test page to make sure that the printer is functioning. Chapter 2 Installation and configuration Hp color laserjet 3000n Pickup-and-feed assembly on page HP 2 pen Laserjef 6 pen.