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The management of WEEE is applied via the waste hierarchywith particular emphasis upon reduction of waste eu water framework directive pdf download, re-use of equipment and recycling recovery of materials: In order to allow contracting authorities to derive maximum benefit from the potential of the internal market in terms of economies of scale and risk-benefit sharing, not least for innovative projects involving a greater amount of risk than reasonably bearable by a single contracting authority, those difficulties should be remedied.

EUR-Lex – L – EN – EUR-Lex

In some eu water framework directive pdf download procedures the procurement documents might require the submission of a physical or scale model which cannot be submitted to the contracting authorities using electronic means. Electronic means of information and communication can greatly simplify the publication of contracts and increase the efficiency and transparency of procurement processes.

This situation may arise in particular with innovative projects, dowmload implementation of major integrated transport infrastructure projects, large computer networks or projects involving complex and structured financing.

There is a strong trend emerging across Union public procurement markets towards the aggregation of demand by public purchasers, with a view to obtaining economies eu water framework directive pdf download scale, including lower prices and transaction costs, and to improving and professionalising procurement management.

It should also be clarified that contracting authorities such as bodies governed by public law, that may have private capital participation, should be in a position to avail themselves of the exemption for horizontal cooperation.

It should be clarified that the information concerning certain decisions taken during a procurement procedure, including the decision not to award a contract or not to conclude a framework agreement, should be sent by the contracting authorities, without candidates or tenderers having to request such information.

When drawing up technical specifications, contracting authorities should take into account requirements ensuing from Union law in the field of data protection law, in particular in relation to the design of the processing of personal data data protection by design.

However, the condition of a link with the subject-matter of the contract excludes criteria and conditions relating to general corporate policy, which cannot be considered as a factor characterising the eu water framework directive pdf download process of production or provision of the purchased works, supplies or services. Firstly, they should be able to act as wholesalers by buying, stocking and reselling or, secondly, they should be able to act as intermediaries by awarding contracts, operating dynamic purchasing systems or concluding framework agreements to be used by contracting authorities.

European Union constitutional law European Union directives. Eu water framework directive pdf download might for instance be the case where contracting authorities require the use of dedicated secure means of communication to which they offer access.

Both the first and second AATF would then claim against the same waste electronics, resulting in a “net debt” against the wastes being treated. When considering whether eu water framework directive pdf download is a need to ensure or enhance interoperability between differing technical formats or process and messaging standards by rendering the use of specific standards mandatory, and if so which standards to impose, the Commission should take the utmost account of the opinions of the stakeholders concerned.

directkve Article does not clearly distinguish between legislative acts and administrative acts, as is normally done in national legal systems.

However, it should be left to Member States eu water framework directive pdf download determine the exact procedural and substantive conditions applicable in such cases. This can be assumed dowlnoad the separate operational unit independently runs the procurement procedures and makes the buying decisions, has a separate budget line at its disposal for the procurements concerned, concludes the contract independently and finances it from a budget which it has at its disposal.

However, such workshops or businesses might not be able to obtain contracts under normal conditions of competition. A greater use of eu water framework directive pdf download procedures is also likely to fraamework cross-border trade, as the evaluation has shown that contracts awarded by negotiated procedure with prior publication have a particularly high success rate of cross-border tenders.

Abstract In the past 25 years, numerous biomarkers have been developed with the objective to apply them for environmental biomonitoring.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive

Furthermore, where sufficient guarantees are offered in respect of ensuring traceability, equal treatment and predictability, contracting authorities should be allowed to generate tenders in relation to specific purchases on the basis of previously transmitted electronic catalogues, in particular where competition has been reopened under a framework agreement or where a dynamic purchasing system is being used.

Non-compliance with the relevant obligations could be considered to be grave misconduct on the part of the economic operator concerned, liable to exclusion of that economic operator from the procedure for the award of a public contract. In respect of off-the-shelf services or supplies that can be provided by many different operators on the market, the competitive procedure with negotiation and competitive dialogue should not be used.

The Commission should therefore envisage promoting measures that could facilitate easy recourse to up-to-date information electronically, such as strengthening tools offering access to virtual company dossiers, or means of facilitating interoperability between databases or other such eu water framework directive pdf download measures.

Those criteria should thus allow for a comparative assessment of the level of performance offered by each tender in the light of the subject-matter of the contract, as defined in the technical specifications.

Recently, the Water Framework Directive WFD of the European Union specified monitoring programs eu water framework directive pdf download to assess the achievement of good chemical and ecological status for all water bodies by Retrieved 18 January Bearing in mind that the contracting authority will be responsible for the consequences of its possible erroneous decision, contracting authorities should also remain free to consider that there has been grave professional misconduct, where, before eu water framework directive pdf download final and binding decision on the presence of mandatory exclusion grounds has been rendered, they can demonstrate by any appropriate means that the economic operator has violated its obligations, including obligations relating to the payment of taxes or social security contributions, unless otherwise provided by national law.

direchive They could include, for instance, near technical impossibility for another economic operator to achieve the required performance or the necessity to use specific know-how, tools or means which only one economic operator has at its disposal. The changes affect dirsctive method for calculating collection rates, which were previously four kg per inhabitant per year. The use of such means of communication should also take eu water framework directive pdf download for persons with disabilities into due account.

The chosen award criteria should not confer eu water framework directive pdf download unrestricted freedom of choice on the contracting authority and they should ensure the possibility of effective and fair competition and be accompanied by arrangements that allow the information provided by the tenderers to be effectively verified.

More commonly, member states are required to make changes to their laws commonly referred to watrr transposition in order for the directive to be implemented correctly.

Council Regulation EC No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Contracting authorities should make use of all possible means eu water framework directive pdf download their disposal under national law in order to prevent distortions in public procurement procedures stemming from conflicts of interest.

Equally, obligations stemming from international agreements ratified by all Member States and listed in Annex X should apply during contract performance. dlwnload

The necessary verification for that purpose should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Directive, in particular those governing means of proof and self-declarations. Experience acquired so far indicates that voluntary updating and verification is insufficient to ensure that e-Certis can deliver its full potential for simplifying and facilitating documentary exchanges for the benefit of SMEs in particular.

Timeline Pre —57 —72 —93 — Since In order to ensure transparency and traceability of the process, all stages should be duly documented. Where the tenderer cannot provide a sufficient explanation, the contracting authority should be entitled to reject the tender. A certain number eu water framework directive pdf download legal services are rendered by service providers that are designated by a court or tribunal of a Member State, involve representation of clients in judicial proceedings by lawyers, must be provided by notaries or are connected with eu water framework directive pdf download exercise of official authority.

Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 53 1Article 62 and Article thereof.

Redirected from European Union Directive. On the contrary, certain features of joint procurement should be clarified because of the important role joint procurement may play, not least in connection with innovative projects.

The text of a draft directive if subject to the co-decision process, idrective contentious matters usually are is prepared by the Commission after consultation with its own and national experts. Member States should remain free to go frameworj in their efforts to facilitate the involvement of SMEs in the public procurement market, by extending the scope of the obligation to consider the appropriateness of dividing contracts into lots to smaller eu water framework directive pdf download, by requiring contracting authorities to provide a eu water framework directive pdf download for a decision not to divide contracts into lots or by rendering a division into lots eu water framework directive pdf download under certain conditions.

Those legal services should therefore be excluded from the scope of this Directive. Provision should also be made for periodic reviews of the thresholds expressed in euros so as to adjust them, by framesork of a purely mathematical operation, to possible variations in the value of the euro in relation to those special drawing rights.

A regulation shall have general application. Rejection should be mandatory in cases where the contracting authority has established that the abnormally low price or costs proposed results from non-compliance with mandatory Union law or national law compatible with it in the fields of social, labour or environmental law or international labour law provisions.

Those measures might consist in particular of personnel and organisational measures such as the severance of all links with persons or organisations involved in the misbehaviour, appropriate staff reorganisation measures, the implementation of reporting and control systems, the creation of an internal audit structure to monitor compliance and the adoption of internal liability and compensation rules.