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Normally, the named permission set represents a very restrictive range of permissions. With this, intervies page is able to have its own controller code-behind file that posses the request. Explain how Obfuscator works in. Environment class in C. How to answer “. Current Affairs General Knowledge. It can be used in the following scenarios:.

Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Yes, Ideal practice is, the basic unit test should be written by the developer.

How to prevent a class from being inherited in C. On one faded background we ll have layer like other background.

C#.NET interview questions and answers – csharp FAQ PDF

Reflection is the feature in. NET – What is an Event? Depending on the gathered evidences, the assembly is assigned to a code group. Net Technologies Dot Net Framework. Can private virtual methods be overridden in C.

How to implement Delegates in C. Is This Answer Correct? Config file, which specifies the settings that are global to a particular machine NET – Here is an implementation of a very simple delegate that accepts no parameters That information contains data of the class.

Namespace can span multiple assembly. This implies that each language can use the code written in some other language.

50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

Here I have collected some good xnswers questions with their answers. NET How to prevent a class from being inherited in C. Net application compilation and execution – Compilation can be done with Debug or Release configuration Namespace is used in two scenarios: NET – Is is possible to force garbage collector to run?

How to set background for total website, on that another another layer, in that we keep website data,for example see www. Net multiple inheritance C.

Top 22 Dot Net Framework Interview Questions And Answers

Define Delegate – Delegates are kind of similar to the function pointers. Can we change web. NET What are delegates and why are they required? NET Framework” interview questions? Evidences are gathered about assembly.